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October 02, 2023

Ideas For Tampa Home Security Landscaping To Safeguard Your Home

Landscaping is known to bring appeal, function, and value to properties. But it will also play a role in your home’s security. Check out these Tampa home security landscaping suggestions and see how to better protect your home.

No. 1: Maintain Your Landscape

Does your yard create the right impression? A nicely maintained landscape with a manicured lawn, pruned shrubs, and a lovely garden lets others know you’re diligent about taking care of your surroundings. On the contrary, untended grass and weeds indicate you’re careless about your yard and may not pay much attention to your home’s security either. Don’t give people the wrong idea and make your house more prone to criminal activity.

No. 2: Cast Light On Your Tampa Property

Darkness is preferred by criminals as they wish to stay hidden. Don’t make it easy on them. Alternatively, implement assorted lights around your property. You no doubt already use a front porch light, but you ought to integrate motion-detecting lights in strategic areas like your sliding patio door or near your garage. Try solar lights next to a pathway and accent lighting by larger shrubs or trees. In so doing, you can remove probable hiding places while bringing a unique touch to your property. You might even set inside smart lights to come on when movement is observed outdoors.

No. 3: Maintain A Clear Sightline

You should be able to view all areas of your property through your windows. Keep shrubs and bushes lower than three feet so you don’t block your perspective. If you’re buying new plants at a nursery, read the label to understand how large they may grow. Generally speaking, it’s better to avoid hedges and more sizable vegetation, especially around entryways like garages.

No. 4: Keep An Eye On Your Yard With Exterior Cameras

Outdoor cameras are one of the most effective crime deterrents. Simply having them visible is enough to turn away most trespassers. With that in mind, keep your camera conspicuous but in a higher spot so it can't be tampered with. When you're away, you can inspect real-time video streams using your handy smartphone security app. As an added safety measure, alerts can be sent straight to your phone if your surveillance cameras discern questionable activity.

No. 5: Defensive Flora Is Effective As Tampa Home Security Landscaping

Not too many prowlers will try to climb through a thorny bush to get to your first-floor window. You’ll want to choose plants suitable for your environment, but you could utilize gooseberry bushes, holly, dwarf bougainvillea, and rose bushes as defensive flora. Don’t forget, they must be no more than three feet tall if placed in front of windows, and if you have little ones, they may not be the ideal choice.

Back-Up Your Secure Landscape With A Home Security System In Tampa

A modern home defense from Secure24 Alarm Systems is the best accompaniment to your Tampa home security landscaping. Our well-designed packages offer leading tools like surveillance, home automation, and control through vocal commands. Not to mention, our home security sign will look fantastic in your well-maintained yard. Call (813) 355-0757 today and design a system to your family’s specific needs.